Friday, February 27, 2009


We are just getting our blog up and going so here we go!!
We just moved out to Oklahoma a few months ago and are still adjusting out here. But we are also loving the changes. Making friends has been the hardest part for the boys. We don't have any on our street. But they have started making friends in school. So all is well there.
We did get hit by the Tornado's a couple of weeks ago. That was quite the adventure!! The only damage we got was our fence was knocked down. I think the hardest part was that Spencer and Royal were at school, and in lock down there. So we were separated and not together. It made me realize how unprepared we were for a tragedy like this to happen.
Spencer is now 13, a true teenager!! He's always at the computer or on his DS. And when it comes to helping mom on the computer he knows more than me!! He's also been working hard at Scout's he is working on his Life right now.And wants to have his Eagle before he's 14. That's a good goal, I hope accomplishes it!
Royal is 11 now. And a true trooper. He's my one to help out when needed. He also loves younger kids and loves to play with them. So hanging out with his younger cousins is always a blast for him. Royal just received his Weboles Badge and Arrow of Light. And is now in the Scouting program. He is way excited about that.
Mitchell is 5. He's my one that keeps me on my toes. He always want someone to play with. Since we moved one of his new friends is our neighbor, he own birds. A macaw, Cockatoo, Parrot's,and Cocktails. He loves to go over there to play with the birds!!
I love being here in Oklahoma now. I'm closer to my family & I'm enjoying the enviorment. Wayne is doing good with his job. So it's been a good move for our family!